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You may have heard people say that happiness is a choice…..

It’s because we can choose to be happy when we wake up each morning and when we go to sleep at night.


Sometimes life brings circumstances and obstacles that can challenge everything you’ve ever known about being happy. During those times, it might feel like everything has been turned upside-down, inside-out, and backwards.


You can continue to make choices that will make you feel good instead of sad, frustrated, fearful, or stuck. You can choose to be a happy person who is inwardly directed and rises above outside limitations and circumstances.


Or you can live a relatively unhappy life that is at the mercy of your emotions, outside circumstances and what others say or do. I’ll be the first to tell you that you should never be satisfied with where you are.


However, you should always be happy and grateful. Once you have made the decision to be a happy person, then you need to do whatever it takes to be happy.


I suggest reflecting on your life and asking yourself this question:

What things make me smile? Success doesn’t make you happy. I know plenty of divorced, sullen, grumpy, WEALTHY people.


Make the choice to be happy now and that will lead to a successful personal AND professional life.

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