How I Fixed A Business That’s Was Not Working

Its vital to work on a business no in a business  for its success


Working On your business not IN your business, 9 simple steps..…..


  1. Document And Create Systems And Processes

One of the reasons you should work on your business is to streamline/optimist the operational side of your business. Documenting your systems and processes is a great way to get started.


  1. Outsource (or prepare to outsource)

Technically this isn’t a way to work on your business. However, if you really want more time to work on your business than by hiring someone else (aka outsourcing)


  1. Financial Forecasting

When you are working in your business you are likely to be focused on this month.


  1. Set Goals For Your Business

For business, just as in life, it is vital that you have goals if you want to succeed. But also set milestones and take actionable steps each day, week and month.


  1. Create, Write, A Plan

Planning is a central part of working on your business. Benjamin Franklin is famously quoted as saying “Failing to plan is planning to fail,” and if you want long-term business success you need a plan.


  1. Assess Technology

There has never been a better time to run a business. I primarily work with coaches and consultants and technology is rapidly changing how those businesses operate.


  1. Constantly Educate Yourself

If you are currently running a business by yourself then the business can only grow in relation to your own personal growth.


  1. Create Or Refresh Your Brand

It may be when you first started you didn’t spend much time thinking about your brand.


  1. Assess Your External Environment

When was the last time you took some time to look at what is happening in the world, in your industry and even your competitors?

And most of all be persistent and never give up.


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