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1. Mindset : “What you think is what you attract. If you believe there is no way, then there is no way. If your behaviour is congruent with your beliefs you can achieve success.”

2. Attitude : A great attitude will allow you to see good in everything you do. A bad attitude you will tend to see the bad in everything

3. Lack Of Working Smarter : People fail because they don’t put the right energy into what they do. It is not about hard work it is about working smarter.

4. Peer Group Influence : We behave and act like the people we hang out with. When you have a good mentor, there is a possibility that you behave like him/her.

5. Illiteracy : Just because we left school does not mean we stop learning. Lack of good Education can lead to failure.

6. Laziness : Laziness brings discouragement. Laziness gives you reasons why today is not a better day to execute ones plan.

7. Visioneering : See what you want the future to look like.

8. Habits : Change your behaviours to adopt new habits and find ways of how you can become successful in life & business.

9. Goals : Set big goals, the bigger the better. Believe in yourself, so often we find it’s someone else goal that’s motivating you.

10. Masterminds : Create or build a mastermind group.

11. Give Gratitude : It has a double effect, makes you feel good and others.

12. Invest In Yourself : A mistake most people make they stop learning. Become an expert in your field.

Persistence will always be the key to any success.

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